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9mobile Data Plan Bundle Subscription Code and Price

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9mobile Data Plan Bundle Subscription Code and Price are all listed in this article for your every accessibility. 9mobile who happen to be one of the top and leading network providers in Nigeria has its name changed again from Etisalat for easy branding a affordability.

Consequently, we will be laying down the mode by which you can subscribe and as well make any transfer of your choice a expected, 9mobile Data Plan Bundle may be one of the cheaper though costly to some extent. Active data bundle plus bonuses the likes of easy flex and business talk for making calls and surfing the internet respectively. Below are the 9mobile Data plan for your easy free browsing and accessibility. Keep reading now for more update and subscribe to the best plan you can and you may afford.


9mobile Data Plan Bundle Subscription Code and Price

9mobile Internet Settings

 Before we talk about the 9mobile data plan you need to have the settings pushed to your device. Here are the manual 9mobile Internet settings to help configure your browser. 

Account Name: 9mobile internet
Access Point Name (APN): 9mobile
Home Page:
IP Address:


9mobile Daily Data Plan Subscription

9mobile 10MB Plan Bundle

The 10MB data plan for 50 Naira only valid for 24 hours, subscription code is *229*3*8#.

Enjoy 40MB for 100 Naira valid for 24 hours, to subscribe, dial *229*3*1#.

9mobile 150MB Data Plan

9mobile offers you 150MB for 200 naira. This data bundle is valid for 7 days.

To subscribe dial *229*2*10#. You can use this plan to accomplish quick task online.

9mobile Monthly Data Bundle

Here are the monthly data bundle from the highest plan down to the lowest;

9mobile 27.5GB Data Plan

9mobile gives 27.5GB data for 18,000 Naira valid for 30 days.  After that day unused data will expire.

The Subscribe daily *229*4*3#, enjoy strong Internet using this plan.

9mobile 15MB Data Plan

9mobile offers 15GB for 10000 naira, the data is valid for 30 days ( a month). To activate for this 9mobile data plan dial *229*4*1# .

Unused data will be expire after 30 days from the day of subscription. This data is suitable for maga data subscribers. If you are a heavy data users then you are good


9mobile 11.5GB Data Plan

9mobile gives 11.5GB data for 8,000 Naira valid for 30 days. After that day unused expire.

To activate dail *229*2*5#, enjoy strong Internet using this plan.


9mobile 5.5Gb Data Plan

This data bundle give you opportunity to enjoy 5.5GB for 4000 naira. Ensure you use your dat before the expiry date.

To activate Dial *229*2*36# to subscribe, the plan is valid for 30 days (24/7).

9mobile 4GB Data Plan

You can always enjoy 4GB for 3,000 Naira and the volume of data given is valid for 30 days, available for use at all hours of the day. To activate just dial *229*2*35#. You are good.

Always know that your unused data will be expire after 30 days from the day of subscription.

9mobile 2GB Data Plan

9moble also offers you 2.5GB for 2000 naira. This data will be used any time of the day.

This 9mobile 4g data plan is valid for 30 days, after 30 days from the day of subscription unused data will be taken back. To subscribe dial *229*3*13#.

9mobile 1.5 GB Data Plan

Enjoy 1.5GB for 1500 Naira. The given data is valid for 30 days

*229*2*25# or text “AND11” to 229. Unused data will expire after the 30th day.

How to Check 9mobile Data Plan

*228# will help out

9mobile Night Plan

9mobile Night Data Plan for Android

The Internet is always fast and reliable at the night. Everyone that want to enjoy 9mobile night browsing should  activate by dailing *229*3*11#, you will be given 1GB data for 200 naira.

The given data is valid from 12 am to 5am that day. You can use it to download any movie of my choice.

To stop the auto-renewal function, dial *229*0#.

You can check your data balance on the 9Mobile network by dialling *228#.

Rollover applies when you re-purchase the same (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, bi-annual or annual) bundle.

My Logo: 9mobile Data Plan Bundle

How to Check 9mobile Account Balance

Check can be done in two (2) ways:

  • USSD Balance Check

This is the most obvious and efficient way of checking your 9mobile account balance. These are the steps to follow:

Dial *232# on your phone and send.

Your account balance/airtime credit is displayed on your phone immediately within seconds.

An SMS of the account balance would also be sent to you.

  •  My9Mobile App Check

Download and install the 9Mobile app from Apple Store or Play store.

Log in to the app using your Facebook or Gmail account.

Search for “Check Balance” option and click on it. Your account balance will be displayed.


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