New Airtel Data Plan Bundle Subscription Code and Price

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We are here to improve your means of browsing the internet through various Airtel Data Plan Bundle Prices and Subscription Code. All will be listed for you in this update it all left for you to be able to digest the code that may be cheaper for you depending on your pocket and money at hand.

Airtel is a well known service provider that enables their customer get the right procedures to buy Airtel Data Plan Bundle from their users. This platform will inform and educate you on the various code that may improve you connect to various platform of the internet be it special plan or social plan which may be daily, weekly or even monthly. Most person may not have come across this Airtel subscription code and their prices.



All Airtel Data Plan Bundle Prices for Android Phone

Airtel Daily Data Plan subscription code

  • Airtel 7MB Data Plan

This Subscription may come up when you have no data left in your phone and you are short of enough airtime you can easily subscribe to this plan.

This is the cheapest Airtel Data Plan that offers 75MB of data valid for just a day (24 hours) at the rate of #100. To subscribe send the code daily the code *141*100#


  • Airtel 200MB Data Plan

All data plan on this bundle carries Airtel’s 200MB plan which costs 200 Naira and is valid for 3 days. To subscribe simply dial *141*200#

Airtel Data Plan Weekly Bundle

  • Airtel 350MB Data Plan

For 300 Naira, you can get 350MB data valid for 7 days, to subscribe, dial *141*300#

  • Airtel 750MB Data Plan

This plan enables you to browse the internet which may be more favorable while visiting social media.

This data subscription with #500 you will be given 750MB data valid for 14 days, available 24/7, to subscribe dial *141*500# you may be given extra bonuses for social plan.

  • Airtel 1GB Data Plan

Airtel offers 1.5GB data for 1,000 Naira valid for 30 days, available 24/7, to subscribe dial *141*1000

Airtel Social Plan

  • This plan allows users to use only Whatsapp, it costs 25 Naira and is valid for 1 day, to subscribe, dial *948*4#
  • Opera Mini Bundle_Large (250MB– 

    To Stay socially connected with friends and chat, browse and stay up to date with the Opera monthly plan at N300 for 250mb valid for 30 days. Usable for Facebook, Twitter Whatsapp, simply dial *885*1#

Note : To check your balance on any of the tariff plans, dial *140# or *223#.

Airtel Unlimited plan

  • Unlimited Month 3.5GB

This Unlimited monthly plan is at N1,500 with 3GB valid for 30 days. usable on all devices including Blackberry. Opt-in code: *435#

  • Unlimited Week 200MB

This Unlimited weekly plan at N525 with 200MB valid for 7 days. Usable on all devices including Blackberry. Opt-in code: *440*17#

  • Unlimited Day 40MB

This Unlimited daily plan at N100 with 40MB valid for just a day. Usable on all device simply dial *440*18#.

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Airtel Mega Plan

Mega 5

Here you get 15GB data at 5,000 Naira valid for 30days, to subscribe dial *141*5000#

Mega 10

Here you get 40GB data for 10,000 Naira valid for 30 days with this plan, dial *141*10000# to subscribe.

Mega 15

Here you get 75GB data for 15,000 Naira valid for 30 days, dial *141*15000# to subscribe.

Mega 20

Here you get 110GB data for 20,000 Naira valid for 30 days, dial *141*20000# to subscribe

Other Airtel Data Plans

4.5GB Data Plan

This cost 2,000 Naira, you can be valid for 30 days, to subscribe dial *141*2000#

6GB data plan

This costs 2,500 Naira and is valid for 30 days, available at all times. To subscribe, dial *141*2500#

8GB Data Plan 

it will cost you 3,000 Naira and it is valid for 30 days, the subscription code is *141*3000#.

11GB Data Plan

This costs 4,000 Naira and is also valid for 30 days, dial *141*4000# to subscribe.

3GB Data Plan 

This cost 1,500 valid for 30 days, dial *141*1500#

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