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Download Filmora SCRN Screen Capture Tool – How to Download

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Do you know you can now make use of your smartphone to capture an object as it supose to be done?. Meanwhile, we will be updating us on the Features of Filmora SCRN Screen Capture Tool as well as how it should be used and also the procedures to download the mobile application on your gadget. All you need do is to follow the procedures below.

Filmora SCRN Capturing Tool is a Free screen recording software that enable one to capture an object as appropriate as it ought to ones it is installed. Most persons most have asked How to Record Your Desktop with Filmora Scrn? Below are the right procedures to Download Filmora Scrn for Windows.


How Download Filmora SCRN Screen Capture Tool

Features of Filmora SCRN Screen Capture Tool

  1. High Frames Per Second (FPS) Recording

Filmora Scrn has an inbuilt, easy to use video editor (about which we will talk a little later). And if you need to record the screen at a lower fps, this tool will let you go as far down as 15fps. It is a standout among the top screen recording applications for a variety of reasons; the most important one being its ability to capture the screen at up to 120 fps.

Higher FPS could be quite handy when you need to create slow-mo videos of the recording. Imagine recording the fast paced, latest Call of Duty game and then watching the action in slow motion. And, when you upload it on YouTube, you and your video both will be a super hit among your friends. Of course slo-mo will require a bit of video editing.


  • Audio Recording

Audio recording could come pretty handy while creating the online tutorials. You can add live commentary to the video. This you can also do while recording the game play if you wish to explain the ongoing activities on the screen.

Audio capture is an essential aspect of screen recording. We have tested quite a few screen recorders and not many have lived up to the expectations. Filmora Scrn, however, has scored well on this front though. You can easily record the audio using a microphone while recording the screen.


  • Video Editing 

The most vital part of this tool is that the inbuilt video editor that sets Filmora SCRN Capturing Tool completely apart from the other such tools. In the same vein, other screen recorders have you seen that also pack a video editor? Not many I would say. I would also say that this is truly a treat. You don’t have to spend any money on an additional video editor to retouch or enhance the recorded videos. And mark my words! You will want to retouch your videos.

Filmora SCRN Capturing Tool may not be the most advanced or elaborate video editor. But, it does plenty of basic editing jobs really well. It also has a very well organized interface allowing incredible ease of use. Even if you are new to video editing, you will be able to create stunning videos with little effort and in no time.


  • Video Recording Using Webcam

This is a feature of Filmora Scrn Capturing Tool is not just a screen recording tool it also doubles as a video recorder which enables one to captures your videos using the built-in or externally attached webcam recorder. The most interesting part is that it control the frames for webcam recording.

Additionallly, Scrn allows you to record videos and screen at the same time in the picture-in-picture style. So, if you would like your face to snap around one of the corners of the screen during game play, Scrn will do it for you.

How Download Filmora SCRN Screen Capture Tool

  • First and foremost,  do is download Filmora Scrn Screen Capture Tool from the official website
  • Then make your click to download
  • Afterwards you can now install
  • .You can first of all test the waters before diving in, you can first download the full-featured, unlimited trial version. But, remember that the trial version watermarks all your videos.

Note : This tool is available on Mac and Windows. Choose the version accordingly

  Go to Download


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How to Edit Your Filmora SCRN Screen Capture Tool

After you most have downloaded and installed the tool, the following are the ways to get the application edited;

Quick Capture: To quickly start recording your screen or videos using webcam
Video Editor: To edit one of your recorded videos or any video on your hard drive

Afterwards, you can go ahead to click on ‘Quick Capture’, you will see a small overlay on the bottom right of the screen.

  • You can start recording by clicking the big Red button on the interface or by hitting keyboard shortcut F10.How to Download and Use Filmora Scrn- Latest Screen Capture Tool!
  • Once you are done recording, press F10 again to stop. On the next screen, you can choose the export the recording to the video editor or simply save it on your computer.

Note: Launch Filmora Scrn and you will be presented with the ‘Get Started’ screen. As aforementioned, here you will see two options:


Advantages and Disadvantages of screen recording software 

  • It is a decent tool to capture the screen and to record videos. It also does the basic video editing job for you.
  • It is is quite easy to use. It offers a neat, uncluttered interface making it a good utility even for the beginners.
  • It has a wide fps range of 15 to 120. which enables  picture-in-picture mode to create effective tutorials. And of course, not to forget, a pretty decent, inbuilt video editor.
  • It does affect the game performance at times thereby degrading the game play experience. That’s what we don’t quite like about it. Sometimes the impact is quite apparent. You are going to need a computer with more than just ‘decent’ specs for a better experience.
  •  it is a good tool to have, especially considering the price tag it comes with.



We believe Our Team have been able to educate you on the procedure to download the Filmora SCRN Screen Capture Tool. Now do well to make good use of the comment box below. Also ensure you rate this post.

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